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The Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom franchise has been adapted into numerous televised animated series. These anime have been categorized below.

Anime series

  • Astro Boy (1963) - The first Astro Boy anime series. It was also the first episodic Japanese animated series, and the first anime to be localized in the United States.
  • Astro Boy (1980) - The first time the Astro Boy series was adapted as a colour anime series. Outside of Japan, this series was popular in Australia and South America. The series had two English dubs, with one of these versions airing exclusively in Canada.
  • Astro Boy (2003) - A modern adaptation made for the 50th anniversary of the original Astro Boy manga. It began airing in Japan on April 7th, Astro's canon birthdate.


  • Little Astro Boy - An eight episode educational anime. The series was intended for very young viewers. It aired very briefly on Japanese and Nigerian television.
  • Soft Atom - A short-lived spoof series. Astro and other robots were re-envisioned as tank vehicles.

Foreign adaptations

  • Go Astro Boy Go! - This series was originally produced in France. It was inspired by Little Astro Boy and was also aimed at younger audiences.
  • Astro Boy Reboot - A French animated series that was announced in 2014, but has been trapped in production for many years.


  • Jetter Mars - Similar to Astro Boy, this series features a robot boy in a futuristic world. This was produced during a time when Osamu Tezuka was not legally able to make an Astro Boy anime. The main character, Jetter Mars, and his family are conceptually similar to the regular Astro Boy cast.
  • Atom the Beginning - A prequel set approximately 40 years before the regular Astro Boy timeline. This series focuses on Dr. Tenma and Professor Ochanomizu during their time in university together.
  • Pluto - An anime series adapted from Naoki Urasawa's manga. The manga is a realistic re-imagining of the Astro Boy manga arc, "The Greatest Robots in the World".