Astro's parents are two robots made by Professor Ochanomizu to be Astro's parental units. They are designed to act and look like normal humans. They are usually unnamed, but Japanese reference books refer to Astro's mother as Rin, and Astro's father as Ethanol[1].


Astro's parents primarily appear in Osamu Tezuka's manga, and the 1963 anime series. They live in a modern house like humans, and look after Astro, Uran, and Cobalt and Chiitan if applicable. In some stories, it is evident that they are younger than Astro in construction, and sometimes find that they have to learn from him. Astro's parents usually call each other, "dear" instead of names.
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In one timeline of the manga, Astro's robot mother is based on Tobio Tenma's human mother, Hoshie. One version of this timeline has Dr. Tenma designing a robot to replace Hoshie, and another has Ochanomizu basing a robot off Hoshie to help Astro feel more comfortable in his new life.

In the 1980 series, they are built by Ochanomizu as a gift for Astro, after he was freed from the robot circus. Their nonactivated robot bodies are stolen by Atlas to convince Astro to fight him. They are safely recovered afterwards, activated, and sent to live in a suburban house as a family. They have more modern designs, looking like a human couple in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

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Astro's parents were adapted into the American Astro Boy comics in 1987. They were based on their 1980 appearance, but initially appeared as human scientists who were involved with a love triangle. After they were killed by Cybersharks, Dr. Elefun reconstructs them as robots and introduces them as Astro's new caregivers.

Their most recent appearance is in Little Astro Boy. They have new, updated designs, and were once again built by Ochanomizu to live in a house with Astro.



Astro's mother stops Dr. Tenma from kidnapping Astro

Astro's mother cares very much about her family, and is very protective when she needs to be. Astro's mother believes very much in Astro's good nature, and has believed his innocence when Astro is accused of lying or hurting others.

In the manga and 1963 anime, she is designed to look like a classic 1960s housewife. In some versions of the manga, she is played by an older version of the Tezuka Star System character Michi. In other versions, she is a robotic reconstruction of Dr. Tenma's late wife Hoshie. The difference between Michi and Hoshie is that Michie has her hair in a short bob, while Hoshie has her hair pulled up into a bun.

In the American comic series, her human name is Rebecca, and she was a computer developer who created the Emotion Simulator Chip. Rebecca briefly dates Lance Lumiere, and was primarily taught by Dr. I.Q. Plenty, whom she platonically admires and respects.



Astro's parents, as Elmer and Rebecca

Astro's father is stern but well-intentioned, and tries hard to keep up with his family. He can be very stern and lose his temper with Astro, but is always very proud of him; Astro's father always wants his son to do his best and can be hard on him only out of faith. In Little Astro Boy, he is goofier and very good-natured, and loves to play fighting video games with Astro. He enjoys doing yardwork and gardening, and has a soft spot for tea with sugar.

In the 1980 anime, Astro's father has a grey plug in the front of his hair that extends if he is shocked or angry. In the American comic series, his human name is Elmer Dobbs, and he is a genetic researcher. Elmer is credited with inventing a skinless potato, and admires Rebecca from afar until he is rebuilt as a robot.