Astro Boy Mighty Atom: The Secret of Atom's Birth ( ASTROBOY Tetsuwan Atom: Atom Tanjou no Himitsu ASTROBOY鉄腕アトム アトム誕生の秘密) is a short film approximately 20 minutes long. It first appeared 6 April 2003 and could be viewed at Tezuka Osamu World.

The film has no English dub. The Japanese title translates to "Astro Boy Mighty Atom: The Secret of Atom's Birth".



Dr. Tenma embracing Astro Boy near the end of the film.

Doctor Tenma infiltrates and steals a digital brain genome, causing the Ministry of Science and the police to stop him. After Doctor Tenma had stolen the genome, he beins a trip to Mars, then combines it with a small robot.

The Doctor then returns after having completed the robot, crashing into the Ministry of Science and emerging with the robot in his arms. Doctor Tenma convinces Doctor Ochanomizu to let him activate the robot, telling him that it is hard to wait for someone. Doctor Tenma goes to activate the robot as the police begin to arrive to the scene.

Unable to do anything, the police and the Ministry watch as the robot is awakened. Immediately, Doctor Tenma embraces the robot, now called Tobio, and begins to cry. He had finally "revived" his son.

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