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The series' logo

Astro Boy Reboot is a upcoming French-Japanese animated series co-produced by Tezuka Productions, and the French studios Caribara Productions and Shibuya Productions. It is a reboot of the anime and manga series Astro Boy, created by Osamu Tezuka.


  • The only confirmed characters in the series so far, are Astro Boy, Atlas, and Astro's new friends, Fubuki and Akino. There are also three other characters that resemble the major characters that appear in previous iterations. A brown-haired boy who resembles Tobio Tenma, *sorta reminds me of Reno* , a slightly overweight blonde-haired man who resembles Skunk Kusai, and a man with glasses who strongly resembles Doctor Tenma. It is possible that these are the actual identities of these characters.
  • There will be 51 episodes which will be 11 minutes long.
  • It will mix both 2D and 3D/CG animation, but will focus more on the 2D animation.
  • The series takes place in a city called "DiverCity"
  • Astro Boys Shirtcolor was Changed into a Red Color instead of Green