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Bacon Egg is the host of the World Robot Battling arena in Australia, in Atom: The Beginning. He is tremendously theatric and a natural hypeman.

Given his similar name (i.e. pork product + "egg") and appearance, Bacon Egg also appears to be Hamegg's father.


In the arena, Bacon has a bold and captivating stage persona. He is able to keep up with the moment-by-moment action of the robot tournaments, giving his audience constant commentary.

His thoughts on AI robots are mixed. He has empathy for some of the more humanized robots, such as U-Ran, but enjoys general robot violence. Bacon sees the carnage as something that's necessary to entertain an audience. However, after being rescued by North, Bacon seems to have a very slight change of heart.



Bacon Egg is a tall, gangly, skinny middle-aged man. He has slick black hair that curls at the back of his neck, and a curled mustache. In the arena, he wears a white tuxedo with pink accents, a matching top hat, and pointed black sunglasses.

Bacon Egg also strongly resembles how Hamegg looks in many regular Astro Boy series. Given that Bacon is his father, this implies Hamegg's looks are at least partially hereditary.


Bacon Egg meets U-Ran

Bacon Egg appears in the Atom: The Beginning manga chapters 24-28. He is the host and commentator of a World Robot Battling tournament arena in Australia. Umataro, Hiroshi, Ran, and Motoko watch Bacon's opening ceremony, and unlike much of the arena, criticise his bombastic attitude from afar.

Bacon introduces the WBS Australia tournament: one hundred AI robots must compete in a long range obstacle course over ten stages. At one edge of the battle zone are ten batons, and a competitor must grab one, and take it back to the starting point. One baton is removed from each round, reducing the robots' chances to win, so by the final round there will only be one baton to go around. If a robot collapses or becomes inoperable, they are disqualified. The robots' creators are allowed to watch from the arena's VIP area, but they cannot intervene in any way; this is assured with drones, anti-air heavy machine guns, and radar jammers.

Bacon describes these obstacles with great excitement, regardless of their brutality. As the tournament commences, he provides the audience with live commentary and updates, much like a wrestling commentator. Things begin to go south after U-Ran is subjected to violent targeted attacks from a competing robot. She has a breakdown, turns on the whole event, and manipulates the other robots into attacking the stadium. Bacon Egg almost gets trampled by one of the overrided robots, but is quickly grabbed by North, who flies him safely to the evacuation shelter.