Cobalt (コバルト Kobaruto; "Jetto") is Astro Boy's cybernetic brother. He appears in the Manga and 1963 Astro Boy TV show but does not appear in any other iteration of Astro Boy.

Personality & Abilities

Cobalt has abilities comparable to his brother's, he is not a perfect copy of Astro, he runs out of energy pretty fast when using his powers and is shown to be very dumb and clumsy. Despite these problems, Cobalt is often shown to be extremely kind-hearted and loyal. In addition to the abilities that were copied from Astro, in the manga he also has an "Omega Radar" in his chest which emits the same waves as the radar in Astros chest, with this, he can sense where his brother Astro is & home in his location. Cobalt first appeared in Episode 84: Brother Jetto. In the manga, his name is Cobalt. After the original anime & manga series ended Cobalt fell into obscurity, largely due to the fact that Atlas was recast as Astro's "brother" in the 1980s anime, making Cobalt's role somewhat redundant.


Osamu Tezuka explaining to Cobalt what happened in the magazine version of the "Midoro Swamp story arc" in chapter 21: "Cobalt"


Tezuka's second mention of Cobalt's death in chapter 47: "The Midoro Swamp"

Cobalt originally died a heroic death at the conclusion of the Midoro Swamp story arc in the Shonen Magazine serial version of the manga, but Tezuka later changed his mind & rewrote the ending for the paperback version so that he survived.


Cobalt has two separate stories that are very different depending on what version of Astro Boy you are reading or watching.

1963 series

The Anime, (on episode 84) shows that Cobalt was made before Astro by Doctor Tenma as a prototype, but that he was "imperfect" and was placed into storage. Professor Ochanomizu accidentally overlooked a cleaning schedule at the Ministry of Science and Cobalt was dumped into a scrap heap. Cobalt awakes and right away stumbles into all sorts of mischief. He's shown as a bit dim-witted when an elderly lady gives him instructions to the Institute of Science and he can't remember them. He's also slow to catch on when people are bad and using him. In the Anime, Cobalt isn't shown to have flying capabilities like Astro does.


Cobalt was first introduced in Chapter 21 "Cobalt". In the chapter, after Astro disappears, Professor Ochanomizu made a rough copy of him to defuse a bomb. However, Cobalt's electronic brain isn't as advanced as Astro's and he can't focus on detailed work, like defusing bombs. Professor Ochanomizu notes that "he doesn't have all of Astro's powers" but doesn't explain which of these Cobalt does and does not have. Because he and Astro are made from the same design, Cobalt is sent to track Astro and finds him in the ocean searching for the bomb. Cobalt is shown to have the ability to fly like Astro does.


  • 1963 TV series

Cobalt never appeared in the 1980 or 2003 series. Though he is referenced in the 2003 series in the fact that The Blue Knight's real name was "Cobalt."