Cora is a character from Imagi Studios' 2009 Astro Boy film. She's spunky and resourceful, the leader of a small band of children that search for robot junk pieces on the Surface for Hamegg.

She meets Astro when he falls for the old "Timmy's stuck down the well" trick and he gets tied up in a sack. When she says, "that's not a robot; that's a kid," Astro plays along and pretends he's a human.

Her age is not clarified but she's 14 according to the movie novel and is referred to as one of the kids providing more hints to her age.

There's hints that Astro and Cora like each other when Astro tells Cora, "I'm really starting to like it here with you... with you guys," and she responds, "we're really starting to like you too, Astro." And there is a Chance that they could start dating.

Cora was raised in Metro City but she ran away from home for vague reasons. The closest to an answer the audience receives is her disgust with Metro City when she says, "why would you want to go someplace where people think you're junk?" At the end of the film, her parents find her among the people celebrating Astro's heroism and she's happy to hear that they "searched for her everywhere".

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