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Cora is a teenager who befriends Astro in the 2009 Astro Boy film. Cora was the leader of a small band of children raised by Hamegg who searched for robot junk pieces on the Earth's Surface.


Cora is a 14-year-old East Asian human girl.[1] She tends to dress in a punk style, and has short black hair in jagged cuts with pink streaks. She dresses in layered clothing with muted colours and soft patterns.


Cora is spunky and resourceful. As the oldest among Hamegg's children, she is the surrogate older sister of the kids, and looks out for them. She tends to act as the makeshift leader when the children go out searching for robot parts.

Cora has some trust issues, stemming from her past as a runaway. She is hurt when she finds out Astro lied about being a robot boy, but soon forgives him after understanding he's still a child close to her own age. Cora was not intended by the film's director to be Astro's romantic interest, but rather, a "foil character"[2] and best friend.



Cora was born and raised in Metro City. At some point in her early adolescence, she ran away from home, citing her her disgust with Metro City: "Why would you want to go some place where people think you're junk?" She eventually met Hamegg and the other children he was raising, and joined their scavenging operation.

Cora met Astro when he fell for what Hamegg's kids called "the old 'Timmy's stuck down the well' trick", and fell into a self-tying sack. Upon seeing Astro, Cora remarked, "That's not a robot, that's a kid!" Astro took advantage of the fact that he resembled a human so closely, and played along, pretending he was human. However, Cora learns the truth about Astro's status after Hamegg stuns him with a tool for controlling robots.

Later on, Cora leads the kids in stealing Hamegg's car. They help catch Astro during his fight with the Peacekeeper and carry him forward. At the end of the film, Cora's parents rediscover her among the people celebrating Astro's heroic sacrifice and resurrection. The film ends as Cora finally gets to hear how much her parents missed her, and how they "searched for her everywhere".


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