Epsilon is a beautiful female robot that monitors Metro City's weather and marine animals, and is closely allied to Astro. Like Astro, she believes that war isn't the only way for humans and robots to get along. She is hinted to be Delta's sister and comes from Australia. She is apparently the successor for Photar in the 1980s series, due to many similarities. She was defeated by Pluto.

Apperances in episodes

Appearances in "Astro Boy" 2003 series

In the 2003 series, she was a close friend of Astro that could predict the weather. During the rampage of Pluto, Epsilon was one of the targeted robots. Epsilon at first refused to fight. But she was forced to underwater when Pluto found her. Although claiming she has no weakness, Pluto threatened to activate some nearby volcanoes that'll harm the creatures she protect. She was defeated and damaged, but asked Pluto if he had anything to protect.

Epsilon was somehow found and fixed. She was a robot nominee for the Robot of the Year Award. Epsilon helped in rescuing Camilla Queen and its passengers. She along with the other nominees were all awarded.

During the Robotonia incident, she guided Reno and Hannah to Duke Red's ship. She later welcomed Atlas and Pluto.


  • Epsilon appears as one of the bosses in the Gameboy Advance game Astro Boy: Omega Factor. She is one of the world's strongest robots who served Shadow and is fought after Brontus.