Gesicht is a German robot detective, assigned to arrest Pluto for his international crimes against other robots. Gesicht is made out of a special metal called zirconium, which allows him to be near-indestructible and survive extreme electricity. His name means "face" in German.


In both the manga and 1980 series, Gesicht appears in the Greatest Robots


Gesicht (1963)

arc. Before he can go out to find and arrest Pluto, he is visited by Pluto at his own home. Gesicht attempts to approach Pluto with warrant papers like a regular detective, but the two have no other choice but to fight. Gesicht's metal body indeed helps him withstand the electricity from Pluto's horns, but Pluto splits his horns while Gesicht is holding onto them, tearing him in half.



Gesicht's zirconium body is extremely sturdy, and it makes him impervious to gunshots and extreme energy levels. He has super strength, is able to tunnel underground, and can jump several meters in the air at fast speeds.There is a large assortment of laser guns in Gesicht's shoulder and abdominal sections, which he can fire at a target by merely flexing his arms.



In a remake created by Naoki Ursawa, Gesicht's role in the World's Greatest Robot story was expanded upon as he is depicted as humanoid detective. In this version he working for Europol. His body is made out of an alloy called "Zeronium", and he is capable of firing a devastating blast using the alloy as shell. He is also shown with wife named Helena, also another big difference is that this version he along with his wife and the other robots in the story are given a human appearance. In the manga's plot in his attempts to solve the case of a string of robot and human deaths. The case becomes more puzzling when evidence suggests a robot is responsible for the murders, the first one in eight years.