Hannah Red is General Red's daughter in the 2003 series. She is good friends with her household servant robot, Jake, much to her father's regret. She is very pro-robot and believes that robots and humans can work together for a better future.


Hannah is a regular girl living at her General Red's mansion, where her best friend is Jake the service robot. When her father finds out that she is associating with robots, he is disgusted, believing that robots are incapable of feeling and acting like humans. Hannah furiously tells Red that Jake is around for her more than Red is; this prompts Red to separate the two and send Jake to a waste disposal plant.


Reno attempting to break Hannah out of the hospital

That night, Hannah finds Jake left a flower pot by her bedroom door, as a gift. When she realizes Jake is leaving, Hannah tries to chase after him. She slips and falls down the stairs. Hannah falls into a coma, with General Red assuming Jake pushed Hannah as revenge.

Hannah is unconscious while the anti-robot sentiment in Metro City rises. Reno is the first person to see her and tell her about the massive controversy involving Jake. Hannah is justifiably horrified, and Reno helps break her out of the hospital to take her to Robotonia.


In the middle of The Robotonia Incident, Hannah is reunited with General Red, and tries to tell him what really happened involving Jake. However, Red assumes Hannah is trying to cover up for Jake. In tears, Hannah begs General Red to pull the military back from Robotonia. Red pauses the battle long enough for Astro to negotiate with the Blue Knight, thus freeing Jake.

In the final episode of the 2003 series, Hannah, Jake, and General Red are in the audience together during Professor Ochanomizu's speech about robot-human equality.