Hiroshi Ochanomizu (お茶の水博士,Ochanomizu hakase) is a common recurring character in the Astro Boy Series. He appears usually as a surrogate father for Astro after rescuing him from some form of imprisonment mostly for Hamegg's circus. In most adaptations, he becomes the new Minister of Science, taking the place of Umataro Tenma.


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Ochanomizu is a short and obese elderly man. His most prominent feature is his crazy scientist styled hair, which consists of two separate bush shaped locks on both sides of his head. His eyes are large and egg-shaped. He also has a very outlandishly large nose.

He is most commonly seen dressed in laboratory clothing and on other occasions in business attire.


In the manga "Once Upon A Time," it is shown that Professor Ochanomizu was interested in robotics since before 1963. A time-traveling Astro Boy accidentally ended up trapped in 1963 and became Ochanomizu's assistant for a few months before running out of energy.

In "Atom: the Beginning," it is shown that Professor Ochanomizu was close friends with Dr. Tenma, and together they worked on a robot named A106 or more commonly referred to as "six."


Ochanomizu is an intellectual, kind and caring man who often shows great amounts of selflessness. He is an intelligent man as his title "Professor" suggests he uses this intellect to gain his title as the Minister of Science. He shows a great sense of fairness especially when it comes to the idea of robotic rights of which Ochanomizu was a staunch supporter. Ochanomizu has shown great acts of personal selflessness, In most adaptations, Ochanomizu rescues Astro Boy from Hamegg's circus also building Astro his own robotic parents.
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Ochanomizu shows a great sense of responsibility. He often uses his influence as the Minister Of Science and his close relationship with Astro Boy to take action against corrupt bureaucrats and evil robots and leaders. Ochanomizu is known for his incredibly short temper often resorting to screaming due to simple disagreements although a character flaw his short temper can be used to his advantage in many situations.

A common gag with Ochanomizu is whenever he becomes very angry he tends to sneeze repeatedly also in the 1963 series his body or nose would blink in and out in a deep shade of black when his temper erupted. His personality also tends to be very cunning he has used his great knowledge of the workings of the law to his benefit on several occasions especially to end situations he found morally reprehensible or damaging to innocents.

Robots created by Ochanomizu

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