Into Thin Air is the sixth episode in the 2003 English dub (in actuality, it's the fourth episode in Japan). As the plot centers around a robot with the power to turn invisible. It is based on the manga story Lightning Man and was also made into episodes in the 1963 series Zero, The Invisible Robot and the 1980 series The Light Ray Robot.


It's Astro's first day of school. In a short amount of time, he makes friends with a few kids: Alejo, Kennedy and Abercrombie. Astro and his friends soon meet Denkou: a robot with a unique power. As he has optical shields, he may turn invisible any time he wants. Unfortunately, Denkou is in the possession of Skunk: a master criminal who wishes to use him for evil purposes, such as robbing and stealing. When they attempt to steal King Solomon's Crown, Denkou carelessly trips over, handing the crown over to Skunk. Skunk, now having acquired one of the most valuable objects in Metro City, sees no further use of Denkou, so he activates an EMP bomb that Skunk gave Denkou. Denkou now realises what a fool he has made of himself and now it's up to Astro to turn wrong into right again.