Jake is the household robot of Hannah and Duke Red.

The Robotonia Incident

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Jake was a close friend of Hannah, even though Duke Red disapproves of this. The general wants him to leave out of the house. When Hannah figured out, she tried to run to tell her father to rethink his decision. But Hannah tripped down the stairs and was put in a coma. Duke Red saw his daughter and thought Jake had pushed her down for revenge.

Jake was taken to trial and the decision was made to scrap him and the other GP-4 robots. As they were being carried in storage trucks, the Blue Knight and his allies took the captive GP-4 robots to Robotonia.

During the war of Robotonia, Jake told Blue Knight that even though he respects Blue Knight's desires, he is happy with how he was living before and wants to return to Hannah. This caused some other robots to stop fighting the Robotonia war and return to their former lives. Jake embraced Hannah, who had followed her father and later returned home with her.

In the finals, Jake was seen along with Duke Red and his daughter in the crowd that was listening to Dr. O'Shay's view of the Robotonia incident.

Episode Appearances


He is a GP-4 model robot.


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