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Jetter Mars (ジェッターマルス Jettā Marusu) is an anime series made in 1977, directed by Rintaro, and written by Osamu Tezuka. Originally planned by Tezuka as a full-colour remake of the original anime adaptation of his popular manga series Astro Boy, unfavourable circumstances during the preproduction phase of the project led him to abandon it temporarily and create Jetter Mars instead. Although it remains as one of Tezuka's lesser-known works, it gained a small following and is fondly remembered.


In the futuristic year of 2015 A.D.Dr. Yamanoue, the leader of the Ministry of Science, has devoted himself to assembling an Android named Jetter Mars on an artificial island and intends to use it as a war machine. But the robot has a deficiency in his electric brain, and he comes to the conclusion that his friend and rival Dr. Kawashimo's help is essential to correct his defective brain. Dr. Yamanoue is very jingoistic and only thinks of the robot as one of his strategic arms. On the contrary, Dr. Kawashimo is a pacifist and devotes his affection to robots. Dr. Kawashimo hurries to the island on request of Dr. Yamanoue, taking his young daughter Miri with him. Arriving on the island, Dr. Kawashimo sets the electric brain into Jetter Mars. Thus Mars comes into the world. Jetter Mars may not know much about the world, but he will always save the day with his powers!

Recurring characters

Jetter Mars

Conception and design

Jetter Mars was a series originally meant to be a color remake of Astro Boy. It's Thought that for this reason, Mars seems to be a redesign of the main character of that show, Astro Boy.


Jetter Mars' personality is that of a spoiled child, similar to that of Uran. He's also said to be very dumb, and will often-times do and say very dumb things, and is ignorant of the world around him. He does, however, mature quite a bit throughout the series, especially when his little brother Melchi is introduced.

Miri (美理 Miri) has a design reminiscent of Uran and is likely to be a replacement for her in the Jetter Mars series, as the show was originally meant to be a color remake of Astro Boy. Though she is much more mature than Uran, Uran's immature and rowdy behavior still exists in the form of Jetter Mars, and Uran ends up having to be the mature one, much like the character Astro Boy.

Melchi (メルチ Meruchi) is Mars' baby brother. His design is that of a baby of unknown age. Melchi is playful and careless, though this leads Melchi into causing a lot of trouble, as Melchi is shown to enjoy destroying things! He also often utters a word he made up called Bakaruchi (バカルチ). Melchi's design is reminiscent of the Astro Boy character Chi-Tan

Doctor Yamanoue (山之上博士 Yamanoue Hakase) is the creator of Jetter Mars. He is a scientist who wants to create robots for warfare and intends to use Mars for warfare purposes. Dr. Yamanoue's design is reminiscent of the character Dr. Tenma.

Doctor Kawashimo (川下博士 Kawashimo Hakase) is Mars' co-creator who has created his electronic brain, prior to Mars creation, he also created, Miri who acts as his daughter.


Track number

English Name

Japanese Name Length
01 Mars, Year 2015 マルス2015年

Marusu 2015 nen







02 Mars' Dream マルスの夢

Marusu no yume

03 Melchi, Let's Bakaruchi メルチバカルチガンバルチ

Meruchi Bakaruchi Ganbaruchi

04 Goodnight, Mars おやすみマルス

Oyasumi Marusu

05 Fighting Mars 戦いのマルス

Tatakai no Marusu

06 Boy Mars 少年マルス

Shōnen Marusu

07 Hate! Love! キライ!スキ!

Kirai! Suki!

08 Wandering Robot さすらいのロボット

Sasurai no robotto

09 March of Mars マルスのマーチ

Marusu no Māchi

10 Scat of the Universe 宇宙のスキャット

Uchū no Sukyatto

11 Mars, Year 2015 TV size マルス2015年TVサイズ

Marusu 2015 nen TV saizu







12 The Birth of Mars 年マルス誕生

toshi marusu tanjō

13 Dr. Downstream Yamanoue 山之上博士と川下博士

yamanōe hakase to kawashita hakase



  • Jetter Mars made a cameo appearance in the Game Boy Advance game, "Astro Boy: Omega Factor", as a minor character that can be found hidden in the Moon Plant Base. He mentioned doctors Kawashimo (misspelt as "Kawage") and Yamanoue and that the production model to his prototype will be ready in 2015.
  • The main character of the show, Jetter Mars, and Astro Boy share the same voice actress, Mari Shimizu.
  • Jetter Mars is referenced in the manual of Rightstuf's DVD release of the 1963 series, though is called "Jet Mars" instead of the proper title. This is likely because in other dubs of Jetter Mars the title is "Jet Marte" which translates to Jet Mars.
  • The main Character Jetter Mars is commonly miscoloured in depictions, promotional art, and merchandise. Usually giving him black boots, or colouring him red and green like Astro Boy, sometimes even colouring the spikes on his head white.
  • Jetter Mars appears in "Osamu Tezuka's Strangest Case in the 20th Century" also known as "The Last Mystery of the 20th Century" with a redesigned look, though this is just a cameo appearance and he has no major impact on the plot of the film.
  • Jetter Mars is referenced in "Atom: The Beginning" through the character "Mars".
  • An artist named "Shigeto Ikehara", who worked on comics for the video game character named Mega Man, worked on illustrations for the Televiland Manga.