Livian is a female robot, originally created by Count Walpur Guiss to serve as a maid. She is an elegant, refined robot, and under Guiss's ownership, she was Atlas's caretaker. After Atlas breaks free and rebuilds himself, she is rebuilt by him as an older space queen. Livian appears only in the 1980 series.


Livian is initially a caring, motherly figure towards the child Atlas, the only source of kindness in Count Walpur Guiss's castle. When Atlas was activated, his power discharge accidentally destroyed Livian's original form, but she forgave Atlas after being restored. Atlas shared a very strong rapport with Livian, and would stay around her as much as possible, much to Skunk's dismay. However, Livian accidentally knocked over an oversized gargoyle, breaking it, and Guiss decided to punish her by making her into an inanimate sculpture, much to her horror. Atlas was so disgusted by this that he chased Guiss out of the castle and off a cliff. Atlas then set forth rebuilding Livian and then himself.


Teenaged Livian, working as a maid.

Livian sees Astro and Atlas as brothers, and hopes for the two of them to stop fighting and to work together for justice. She was never built with the Omega Factor, and as a result, has never fought anyone in the series. She is rebuilt once again after Atlas's stun attack affects her by mistake, knocking her into Earth's stratosphere. As an adult, she lives with Atlas in his traveling crystal castle, and she is the only person that Atlas trusts and communicates with as an equal.

Unlike Atlas, Livian is of a lawful good alignment, and has even warned Astro in advance of Atlas's endeavors. At one point, she even walked to Astro's house in a storm in order to warn his family. She is the first person to discover that Astro and Atlas are brothers.