Lord Deathcross is an enemy of Astro boy.

He appeared in the manga series and the 1962 anime series. He may have also appeared in the 1980 anime series but seemed to never appear in the 2003 anime series.

A man named Rock was a senator living in Antarctica, with a robot named Rag who was almost identical to him. Rock hated robots and wasn't a good man. His robot clone ended up going in the senate and becoming a senator. Rag was good unlike his clone, and ended up being a president. Rag didn't brag at all, and befriended Astro and Wally.

One day an evil vigilante known as Lord Deathcross appeared, and fought Astro. Lord Deathcross is unmasked and found to be Rock. Later Lord Deathcross assassinated president Rag, but was caught by Astro.