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The Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom franchise originally began as a manga series in 1951. Its original concept was popular enough to become a mainline manga series in 1953. Osamu Tezuka personally drew many Astro Boy mangas over the years, and they continue to be made by new authors and contributors.

Manga series

  • Ambassador Atom - The original 1951 manga that introduced Astro Boy, or Mighty Atom, to the world.
  • List of Astro Boy manga chapters
  • Shogakukan Second Grader - A short gag manga series based off the 1980 anime series. Some chapters are adapted from actual 1980 series episodes, giving them a much lighter tone.


  • Roppu-Kun - The story of another robot boy, Roppu. Unlike Astro, Roppu is an alien toy who was abandoned on Earth. A human boy befriends Roppu, and the two get into numerous misadventures. This series runs concurrently with the original Astro Boy manga series.
  • Jetter Mars - Similar to Astro Boy, this series features a robot boy named Jetter Mars living in a futuristic world. This manga is an adaptation produced after the Jetter Mars anime began airing on television.

Alternate universes

  • Astro Returns - This short-lived series takes place after the end of the original manga, in which Astro is recovered from deep space and rebuilt. This series takes place even further into the future.
  • Astro II - A short gag manga that also takes place after the end of the original manga. Astro is rebuilt, but his replacement is a lecherous layabout who gets into trouble.
  • Atom Cat - The adventures of a bionic robot cat, Atom Cat, and his owner Tsugio. This series takes place outside the Astro Boy canon, and Astro Boy is merely a work of fiction that Tsugio reads regularly.

Manga by other creators

  • Astro Boy (Akira Himekawa series) - A manga based on the 2003 anime series. This adaptation contains all the same characters as the anime, albeit with
  • Pluto - A realistic re-imagining of the Astro Boy manga arc, "The Greatest Robots in the World", written and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa.
  • Atom the Beginning - A prequel set approximately 40 years before the regular Astro Boy timeline. This series focuses on Dr. Tenma and Professor Ochanomizu during their time in university together.