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Metro City is Astro Boy's place of residence in the 2003 series and 2009 film.

The city is portrayed as futuristic and way ahead of its neighbours in terms of robotics. It is unknown to where its location is (possibly Japan), and is seen in almost every single episode. A vast, expanding metropolis, it is a typical city: with crooks, robots, policemen, and ordinary people. It is home to the ministry of science, a marine park, and metromusements theme park.

The leader of the city is Chairman Lyon

It is based on modern day Tokyo. 

2009 film

Metro City looked competely different in the 2009 film. In the film, it is a large hovering airship, floating high above the air with futuristic buildings and where humans and robots co-exist. It is a place where only the rich and wealthy live, the others still live on the surface of the Earth.

Its leader, President Stone, was a powerhungry and evil man. He was presumably replaced by a new President following his actions as the Peacekeeper

Possible Locations 

  • Sofia, Bulgaria 
  • Japan 
  • China
  • United States