The Metro City Basketball League is the first-grade basketball league in Metro City, Astro Boy's place of residence. There were 68 teams in the competition.

It is regarded as one of the best basketball leagues in the world, rivaled only by the NBA in America.

The 2010 champions are the Rockford Lobsters.


The league was founded in 1974 to help promote sport into Metro City by millionaire John Stevenson .

List of championships:

1974: Lenesse Fury

1976: Spartan Hill Bulldozers

1978: Lenesse Fury

1980: Lenesse Fury

1982: Lenesse Fury

1984: Lenesse Fury

1986: Arkville Victory

1988: Lenesse Fury

1990: Spartan Hill Bulldozers

1992: Porttown Marlin

1994: Spartan Hill Bulldozers

1996: Opal-Epsilon Porcupines

1998: Porttown Marlin

2000: Rook Hill Zest

2002: Ghilden Thunderbirds

2004: Arkville Victory

2006: Rockford Lobsters

2008: Nothern Lenesse Sparks

2010: Rockford Lobsters