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The Metro City Police is the police division of Metro City.

Police Inspector Tawashi is the head for the unit.

Notable Squads/Branches

Anti-Robot Robot Squad

The Anti-Robot Robot Squad is a squadron of five police robots, lead by Delta, that fights robot crime caused by robots. They were introduced after the robot hunters got out of control.

Undercover Robot Division

This branch of the police is dedicated to undercover robots (notably Klaus) that fights robot crime.


The headquarters is a giantic building shaped like a robot dog, wearing a yellow collar with the symbol "M". Covered in black, the dog's eyes act as windows, and stands upon a large pedestal. This concept was probably inspired by many TV shows with similar police headquarters, such as DogStar.

Police Cars

Another interesting feature is that all their police vechiles such as helicopters, cars or boats look like dogs. No reason is given, however this might just be introduced to spice up the story.