Micro Adventure is the 24th episode of the 2003 series and the 14th episode in the Japanese order.

Astro Boy in his micro form


Uran (Zoran in the dub) goes out into the city after having scolded by Atom while causing trouble at Dr. Ochanomizu's house. Upset she forget the warning of not talking with strangers and ended up infected by a nano-robot and then shutted down.

All the attemptions of saving her would be dangerous, then a mysterious scholar named Dr. Minimini offered help by suggesting Dr. Ochanomizu (Dr. O'Shay in the dub) and Atom to use his invention which would replicate Atom as a nano-robot, however he still had a black agenda.


  • Astro Boy
  • Zoran
  • Dr. O'Shay
  • Dr. Minimini
  • Dr. Minimini's goon
  • Detective Tawashi


  • first appearance of Dr. Minimini
  • Astro's micro body has his hair with one point instead of two.
  • That story draws concept from Count Bat of the 1950s manga who also featured Mini-Atom which had a propeller in his head instead of jets.