Monar (North)

North is about to fight Pluto


North MK II ready to fight Pluto (1963)

Monar (known as North #2 in the original Japanese dub) is one of the strongest robots in the world. He is a beetle-like robot with six mechanical arms, which can change into fearsome weapons. He is Scottish.

He appeared in The Greatest Robot in the World.

2003 series

He made a cameo appearance in the 2003 series as a minion of Grudon.

Astro Boy Omega Factor

North makes an appearance in the video game Astro Boy Omega Factor. He is colored navy blue in this version and has eyes on the sides of his head to look more insect like. He appears in the "World's Strongest Robots" chapter where Astro has to fight five powerful robots. North is the first of the robots Astro fights.

In the first part of the fight, North doesn't attack Astro unless he fires his finger laser or arm cannon at North. Then North will retaliate by quickly lunging at Astro and attacking him with his tools. If Astro punches North, he will block with one of his hands but only one arm. Astro must punch North somewhere he is not blocking. After a few hits, North will begin to use his 6 arm weapons including a missile shooter, his shield, his drill, his disc launcher, his laser cannon, and an enemy spawner. He will use his weapons depending on where Astro is standing such as if Astro is on the ground on the left side of North where his drill is, he will use the drill. Astro is free to attack North anywhere in this form. Astro defeats North and moves up to the next stage to fight the next robot, Denkou.


North 2

North wearing the cloak covering his many weapons.

North serves as the butler of Paul Duncan. Despite his many attempts at helping his master, Paul would often criticize him and call him a worthless machine, which cut North deeply since he never wanted to kill those robots during the 39th Central Asian Conflict. Even when North wanted to play the piano, Paul said that machines could never replicate the heart and soul of a symphony. Paul even tried chopping up his synthesized instruments to prove a point and retold his story to North. 

When Paul was younger, he was abandoned by his mother because she wanted to marry a millionaire. At the time, Paul had a deadly illness. To stop it, he had a surgery from a doctor heavily implied to be Dr. BlackJack. However, Paul's eyesight deteriorated. Paul inherited the millionaire's mansion and lived in solitude until he hired his first robotic butler. As a result, Paul became determined to show his mother that he could overcome any challenge and relied upon his other senses to become a musician.

Paul eventually fired North, and his mansion fell to pieces. To make matters worse, his newest composition didn't get accepted by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Planning Committee. When Paul was going to chop up his piano, North stopped Paul and revealed the real reason for his absence. North went to Bohemia to do some research on the song and learned the truth behind the disappearance of Paul's mom. Paul's mom needed the money to help her son out in his time of need. With this money, Paul's mom hired the doctor who did the surgery on Paul.

After hearing North's rendition of Paul's folk song, Paul told North that he doesn't need to go to the battlefield and asked North if he wanted to play the piano. One fateful day, Pluto showed up at Paul's doorstep. North, sensing the danger, flew outside and attempted to stop Pluto. During the fight, Paul hears North singing his song and sadly wonders if North is going to play piano once again. Pluto had soundly destroyed North in their fight.

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