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Photar leaving his orphans behind to fight Pluto


Photar is the name given to the light-powered, 'photon' robot from the 1980s series of Astroboy. He featured during the 'Greatest Robot in the World' story arc and is named as being one of the 7 strongest robots in the world.

Photar by nature of his design is compassionate and works with children, specifically war orphans. However, by the Sultan's own admission, is one of the fiercest fighting robots ever seen. Unfortunately Photar is selected as one of the seven robots to be destroyed by Bruton but he himself is optimistic about his chances against the giant robot as he states: "I am a Photon robot, the sun gives me limitless energy. I cannot lose!" ( this is the complete opposite in the manga, where he realises how slim his chances are after watching bruton kill Hercules.) Once realising Bruton was on his way, he bids an emotional farewell to his adopted charges and ventures out to meet his fate. However before he does he makes contact with Astro's sister asking her to tell Astro that he would like his help to defeat Bruton. (in the 1960s anime, Photar instead meets Astro in person.)

Photar and Bruton getting ready to fight

Photar asking why Bruton has chosen to fight him on a day like this

As it stands, Bruton chooses a stormy windswept day with Uluru (Ayers Rock) as the backdrop. (in the manga, he chooses to fight photar at night.) Photar questions Bruton's motives for picking such a time to fight knowing full well why he has done so. However, upon accepting the situation, Photar initiates the photon energy stored within him to fly high above the storm-clouds where he is able to deliver a solar-charged electric 'storm' to Bruton (who at present has assumed a tornado-like form in order to fly) . Bruton crashes into the ground with Photar in close pursuit, ready to destroy him completely when he hears crying. One of the children has wandered out from the orphanage looking for Photar and is now standing in front of a tree that is about to fall. Abandoning his fight with Bruton, and right before the tree falls, Photar plucks the boy off the ground with lightning speed and flies him to safety....but not before Bruton is able to extend his powerful, electricity-funnelling horns over Photar's central energy rod and latch on tight. Begging Bruton to hold off until the child his safe, Bruton allows Photar to place the child on the ground but then chooses to fling Photar backwards towards him. At this time Astro lands at the orphanage and, having been given the message late by Uran, begins imploring the hysterical children to tell him where Photar is so that he can help. Suddenly Astro hears an explosion and looks out the window where he sees a fireball. It is Photar. He is caught up in Brutons horns and is being electrified to death.

The death of Photar

Just before he disintegrates, Photar's last words are "Save me more sunlight!" and then shortly thereafter we see small, smoke-trailing pieces of metal falling to the ground. the child that Photar saved is left to cry.

In the 1960s version, there is no mention of children at all, and instead, after fighting with Bruton a bit, he is knocked out of the sky into a canyon and is killed by a falling rock.


He was the first robot to come from Australia.

Robert Gonsalez (the voice of Photar, Brando and Daddy Walrus)

He was 'voiced' by Bob Gonzales, who also played the role of 'Daddy Walrus'. Mr Gonzales is currently a professor in a Florida University where he heads a creative arts department.

Epsilon (2003 Astroboy) was the successor to Photar

Photar's character swapped name and gender to become Epsilon in the 2003 series of Astroboy

Photar regains his male gender for the Pluto manga (but becomes a bishonen) and perishes in a similar way to that of the 1980s Photar: He

Epsilon/Photar as he appears in the Pluto Manga series

gets entangled in Pluto's horns and flies high up above the clouds - taking Pluto with him. However Pluto is able to destroy him just before the sun is able to rise. that and Bora's shadowy form blocks the rising sun.

We also have Photar appearing in the 1960s version as well.

Photar's appeal generally stems by his human-like qualities (as with most of the other great robots) and his compassion. When this is then counterbalanced by a fearsome fighting ability we have our archetypal superhero.

1960s Photar

Astro and Photar, 1960's