President Dufus Stone is the ex-president of Metro City and the main antagonist of the 2009 Astro Boy movie. He is cold and callous, and sets in motion a series of events that not only get Toby Tenma killed, but almost destroy Metro City as a whole. He physically merges with Peacekeeper, and tears apart the city while trying to kill Astro.


President Stone is the egotistical president of Metro City, constantly focused on an upcoming election he hopes to be re-elected in. Stone is intent on impressing the city's voters with the Peacekeeper robot, demanding it be made to protect the city from a possible attack from the surface world. His insistence that the Peacekeeper be installed with the Red Core causes it to malfunction, sending forth a laser blast that kills Toby Tenma. He is also dangerously reckless, as demonstrated by sending numerous troops to capture Astro in the middle of Metro City. While he enjoys weapons and machinery, he thinks very little of robots, openly mocking Astro when he gets captured. Stone only sees robots as machines that need to do what they are told.

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Stone also has a strangely goofy and inept side under the surface. At one point he is shown arm-wrestling with his assistant, remaking, "I win again." It is remarked that he dropped out of college, and the official comic adaptation contains a scene from the original script that reveals he always had trouble in school. Hamegg recognizes Stone, whom he calls by his first name, and reveals that he used to do Stone's homework when they were in the same third grade class. Stone also openly despises Logan, whom he calls a "hippie".

Much of his personality and actions seem to reference the American political climate of the era during which the movie was being developed. 2007-2008 was the last two years of the Bush-Cheney presidency, during which an enormous amount of jokes were made in popular media about inept, war-hungry politicians. Some reviewers of the film have directly equated Stone to the Cheney parodies of the time.[1]


Stone has an enormous army of armor-clad guards, many of whom he uses to try and capture Astro. He always has at least a few guards around him that are armed with laser guns. He often flies around in a Command Ship, a mobile monitoring headquarters equipped with radar. From here he is able to launch Stinger Interceptors, a type of airborne shuttle that can grab a target with suction tubes. For more reckless moments, Stone sends out an enormous warship called the Spirit of Freedom that is capable of firing huge laser beams. It is presumed that all this military force is paid for with taxpayer money.

President Stone takes a heavy interest in Peacekeeper, due to his paranoia that the surface world may attack Metro City. He insists the Red Core goes into it instead of the Blue Core, thinking that the energy manifested from peace and life won't make Peacekeeper as fierce as he wants, as Stone insists he wants "a fighter, not a lover."