Shunsaku Ban

A bald, portly, middle-aged man with a big moustache. Often comical and grumpy yet good-natured. 42 years old, as mentioned in one of the manga. His facial hair earns him the nickname Higeoyaji ("moustache old man"). In the 60's TV English translations, his name was private detective Victor Pompous, then Percival Pompous. Perhaps because his character was appearing in another series based on Tezuka's manga, in the 1980s English animated version his name was changed to Albert Duncan, aka Daddy Walrus. His typical role is that of a detective in other Tezuka materials, with sometimes a nephew/assistant named Ken'ichi (Ken or Kennedy in English versions of the Astro Boy TV series). He the 80's color remake (as well as the original manga) had him appear as Astro Boy's teacher, then as a detective. In the 2003 Astro Boy redeux, he is called Wally Kisaragi, and in the English-language manga, his "Higeoyaji" nickname is translated as "Mustachio". He is featured as either a regular character or a guest star in any of a number of Tezuka manga/anime. Shunsaku Ban routinely is cast as some sort of adventurer, for example an amateur or professional private investigator. His usual characteristic is to confront danger with a comical wild-eyed panic, then after a moment recapture his composure and vigorously attack the threat, exhibiting stamina and a surprising battle awareness.