The Robotonia Incident was a major turning point for both humans and robots alike, when both humans and robots started fighting and declared war on each other.


Hannah, Duke Red's daughter, went out to play with Jake, the family's household robot. Duke Red spots her and tells his servant to bring Hannah inside. Duke Red then abuses Jake, telling him he is no longer wanted in the household and he should leave on the very next day.

Jake plants a flower on Hannah's room as a parting gift, however when Hannah founds out she becomes very distressed and asks her father to stop, however she accidently trips down the stairs and falls unconscious. Duke Red comes out, sees Jake at the top of the doorstep and immediately assumes that Jake has done the damage.

The next day, Hannah is hospitalised and villains Mr. Drake and Chairman Lyon offtered their apologies for the incident, and assured Duke Red that Jake would be punished severely. In the end, after court, Jake and his fellow GP-4 robots are to be destroyed. The Blue Knight, however, comes and steals the GP-4s and grants them their freedom. Enraged, Duke Red declares war against the robots.

Meanwhile, Reno and Hannah attempt to tell Duke Red that Hannah merely tripped, and steals Yuko's car. The car breaks down and human forces surrounds them, however Epsilon rescues them and they go to Robotonia. Astro convinces the Blue Knight to stop the battle, but fails. After some brutal fights the humans are overthrown, and Robotonia goes to space.