1980 series



True is a robot who appears in the episode named "The Liar Robot." His helmet can transform into a propeller so that he can fly, he was initially programmed to always lie, this was because his creator didn't want to let his blind daughter know that she was never going to see again. He bares a resemblance similar to that of Astro Boy. Because he always lies he causes chaos by lying about disasters, and Astro Boy gets framed by True. Eventually True is reprogrammed to tell the truth, and his creator is jailed for making a robot that lies, since robots are suppose to always tell the truth. After True was reprogrammed, there so happens to be an upcoming big earthquake, he warns everyone about this, but quite reasonably, nobody believes him. He is destroyed by the same people. Astro Boy ends up saving everyone from the earthquake. Afterwards, Astro Boy goes looking for True, finding him destroyed and lying on the ground.



In the manga, True is unnamed, so we will refer to him as "the lying robot." In the Manga, the Lying Robot looks nothing like Astro Boy. He can use his cowlick on his hair as a propeller. He was built because his creators mother was sick with cancer, and had a short time to live. Of course robots don't lie, so his creator made him always say the opposite. In the end, his creator fixed him to tell the truth, and the house was caught on fire, when the Lying Robot went to tell the fire department, they didn't believe him, and destroyed him. Astro Boy ended up needing to save the day alone.