Wato Chiyoko is a reoccurring character in the Osamu Tezuka Star System. She is a strong-willed, slightly tomboyish high school student who originally appears in the manga The Three-Eyed One. She has appeared several times in other Tezuka media.


Wato primarily goes by her last name, and is a very confident and outspoken teenage girl. Despite her size, she is quite strong and capable of winning a physical fight. In her original manga The Three-Eyed One, she hangs out with her classmate Sharaku Hosuke, whose forehead bandage conceals a third eye. She is one of the few people who know that exposing his third eye turns him into a demonic warlord, and helps guard this power with him. Quite often she was involved in fan service in the original manga.

In the Black Jack TV series, Wato and Sharaku appear together as brother and sister. Her name is adapted from "Watson", and Sharaku's full name is adapted from "Sherlock Holmes."

2003 series

Wato appears in the episode "Old Dog, New Tricks" in the 2003 series as Dr. Wato, a scientist specializing in magnetic force. Sharaku appears as her son, and she gives him a super magnetic orb that can control a robot capable of disassembling into tiny pieces. She gets kidnapped by Skunk Kusai and is forced to use her robot for robberies, under the threat of Skunk jeopardizing her son's safety.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Wato appears in the Gameboy Advance game as Ochanomizu's assistant, instead of Yuko Kisaragi. She has to be rescued in an early stage in the game, when she gets carried off by several small robots.
In the secret ending of the game, Wato encounters the three-eyed evil Sharaku, mistakenly assumes his third eye is a wound, and covers it with some of the bandages she always carries. This turns Sharaku docile once again.